Membership Qualifications
In order to be accepted into membership at, the applying attorney must meet the following qualifications.

Membership Qualifications

  1. The applying attorney must be a current member of the Bar in good standing.

  2. Each case referenced in the application must be one of the following:

    1. Court or Jury Trial
    2. Arbitration or Mediation Proceeding
    3. Negotiation of Final Settlement

  3. The applying attorney must have acted as principal counsel in each case referenced in the application. Principal counsel is not necessarily limited to one attorney, nor is it limited to the lead attorney in a trial. However, the applying attorney must have been heavily involved with each case referenced in the application.

  4. The applying attorney must provide enough information as to the identity of the case, so that it may be verified. Approval of the application will generally rely upon the information provided in said application, and declarations made as to its truth.

    We understand that many settlements are confidential. In such an event, the applying attorney may provide a non-identifying summary of the case (to the extent allowed by the terms of the settlement).

  5. When citing a jury trial verdict or court trial decision, there must have been entry of a "final judgment." This judgment must be entered (and not subject to change or appeal).

  6. If damages are statutorily limited (due to something such as medical malpractice tort reform or other damage caps), the final entered judgment is to be considered the total recovery amount for said case.

Please note that default judgments & summary adjudications will generally not be accepted. In order for a trial verdict or arbitration award to qualify, the applying attorney must have participated as principal counsel in a contested trial or a binding arbitration proceeding.

Also understand that the truthfulness and accuracy of the information provided in your application will be relied upon in granting membership into

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